Simiron Rok-Rez Pro Chip Flake Autumn

Rok-Rez ProTM Decorative Chips are vinyl chips/flakes composed of water-based resin Sundries and contain additives and pigments. The flakes are integrallycolored and are produced in various sizes. They are designed for use in commercial, industrial and residential flooring.

Colors include Black & White, Khaki Tan, Glacier Domino, Autumn Brown, Azure Blue

Rok-Rez ProTM Decorative Chips are compatible with: Epoxies, Polyurea, Polyaspartic, Acrylics, Urethanes, MMA’s & more

Chip Size Full Broadcast Partial Broadcast 1/4” 5-7 Sq Ft /lb 25-200 Sq Ft /lb