Norton WallSand 9" 360° Disc Sander Kit

Norton WallSand 9" Round Plastic Disc Sanding Kit

The Norton Drywall Wallsand Kit is perfect for sanding large areas. The design is lightweight, and the round disc prevents flipping and wall gouging. Easily change direction while sanding drywall and without lifting from the surface - up/down and left/right - the circular design allows for the greatest level of sanding freedom. The sander works with any 9" Disc abrasive, and can be used in conjunction with the foam backing pad for a premium sanding experience. The Wallsand kit includes the 9" Sanding Disc and both Hand and Pole adapters.

Norton WallSand 9" Round Plastic Disc Sanding Kit Features:

  • Covers a larger sanding area, and sands faster. Perfect for butt joints and large seams
  • Circular design avoids flipping, scratching, and gouging. Big advantage over standard rectangular drywall sanding heads
  • No-Slip ergonomic handle is easy to change over to the included pole adapter that fits any 3/4" coarse acme thread