SealCoat Shellac Primer-Sanding Sealer

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Sealcoat Shellac is a clear primer and sanding sealer that gives depth and beauty to wood grain, and won't raise or swell the grain. 100% wax-free formula dries in minutes and sands easily.

Compatible with ALL Finishes:
* Alkyd-modified polyurethane
* Water-base acrylic polyurethane
* Catalyzed finishes

Super Fast Dry Time:
* Dust-free in 5 minutes
* Dry to touch in 10 minutes
* Ready to sand/recoat in 20-40 minutes

Other Great Features:
* Fast drying pre-stain conditioner
* Bond coat over stearated finishes
* Gives depth and beauty to wood grain
* Will not raise or swell wood grain
* Will not turn yellow or darken with age
* Can be applied in temps as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit
* Easy clean up with ammonia and water