Sansin Wood Strip

  • Effectively removes old paint and stain coatings.
  • Sansin Paint & Stain Remover is a superior stripper that easily removes oil and latex stain and paint coatings. Simply spray on the desired surface and Paint & Stain Remover begins to penetrate and attack the coating immediately. It removes extreme weathering, water stains, mold and mildew, while restoring the natural color of wood. Sansin Paint and Stain Remover is biodegradable, rinses off with water and works fast. Recommended for use on coated new and old wood surfaces such as decks, fences, siding, logs, board and batten, and timbers.
    1. Easy 1-step application
    2. Biodegradable
    3. VOC compliant, environmentally friendly
    4. Translucent
    5. Reduces water absorption and wood swelling
    6. UV Resistant
    7. Soap and water clean up
    1. New and old wood surfaces
    2. Decks, balconies and fences
    3. Horizontal and vertical surfacts
    4. Methods of Application:
    5. Dipping
    6. Brushing
    7. Flood coating
    8. Spraying - Hand or automated, low pressure or airless
    9. Download Application Overview for more Information