Messmer's Oil Based Stain for Hardwood

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  • Low 100 VOC formula- Premium natual wood finish
  • Protects & beautifies exterior wood decks & more
  • For dense exotic woods like Ipe, Mahogany, -
  • Brazilian Redwood, Massaranduba, Meranti, -
  • Pau Lupe and Teak
  • Will change wood color but not the texture
  • One coat product - does not require top coat-or pretreatment
  • A true oil based stain preservative for decks, fences and siding.

  • Available in multiple colors

    A message to consumers: Oily Paint Rags Can Spontaneously Combust-dispose of carefully!  Read Below:

    • Do not pile or ball rags soaked with oil paint into a tight mass or toss them in the regular trash while they’re still wet.
    • Do allow the rags to dry thoroughly before disposal. Spread the rags outdoors, on the ground or on a metal rack, until completely dry and somewhat hard. Two full days is usually enough time, but it might take longer.
    • Once the rags are completely dry, they should be safe for disposal. Put them in the trash on collection day. This method allows the oil to fully cure without overheating.
    • If paint rags catch fire outside, extinguish the fire by dousing with water or covering with sand or dirt. Don’t disturb them until you’re sure the fire is out.
    • If paint rags catch fire indoors, call the fire department, get everyone outside, then (and only then) try to put the fire out with an extinguisher. If you cannot put out the fire, get out of the house and wait for the fire department.
    • Don’t try to put out the fire with an extinguisher unless you know how to operate it.