DRYLOK Extreme-Masonry Waterproofer

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DRYLOK® Extreme Masonry Waterproofer

For Waterproofing and stucco cracks.

Unlike ordinary paint that simply adheres to a surface and can be forced off by incoming water pressure, DRYLOK® Extreme Masonry Waterproofer actually penetrates the pores in that surface, bonding to the masonry and creating an impenetrable barrier.

Waterproof interior, exterior, above or below grade walls including basements, retaining walls, and bare concrete swimming pools, foundations, and more. For fish ponds, we recommend using DRYLOK® Original.

  • GUARANTEED to stop water – withstands 15 pounds of hydrostatic pressure (PSI), equivalent to a wall of water 33 feet high
  • Fully transferable 15 Year Warranty
  • Withstands cat 4 hurricane winds
  • Helps protect against radon gas penetration by reducing vapor transfer
  • Green Wise® Certified
  • Low-odor formula complies with all current VOC requirements
  • Breathable film will not trap moisture in the masonry
  • Easy cleanup with warm, soapy water
  • Tintable

Nobody likes stucco cracks, but all stucco buildings get them. There are two primary reasons stucco cracks occur… 1) Settling or movement of the building due to weight and ground shift that often cause the broader, diagonal cracks and 2) the drying and shrinkage that can occur due to improper mixture ratios or seasonal changes that usually result in the finer, vertical and horizontal cracks. Both allow water to enter the wall and can cause problems like mold or stud rot.

Most people assume this problem is inevitable, but there is a product that can help. DRYLOK® Extreme can actually strengthen your stucco and help to preclude stucco cracks from occurring that are due to shrinkage. DRYLOK®Extreme penetrates into the stucco, bonding it together and stopping the moisture from entering the stucco. Thus stopping the constant wetting/drying process that causes the stucco to shrink and crack. And if you already have cracks forming, DRYLOK® Extreme is thick enough to bridge cracks up to 1/8th inch without any patching necessary. If the cracks are bigger, DRYLOK® Fast Plug and DRYLOK® Crack Filler work great to fill the gaps before applying DRYLOK® Extreme.

Product Features:

  • 2 Ready-mixed, smooth finish colors
  • Features Flexible Encapsulated Polymers for the ultimate in waterproof protection
  • Incorporation of a green biocide helps the dry paint film resist mildew growth
  • Sizes: quart, gallon, 5 gallon
  • Coverage: 75-100 square feet per gallon
  • No pre-mixing or pre-wetting
  • Application tools: brush or roller (preferred for first coat), sprayer
  • Dry time: 2-3 hours
  • Coats: minimum of 2 for Warranty Coverage to apply
  • Recoat time: 2 hours
  • After 24 hours, DRYLOK® will accept a decorative topcoat using a good quality latex paint