PEOPLE PRIMER: Jamie Polancic

May 04, 2021 3 min read

Creative color consultant Jamie Polancic is still pinching herself that she gets to help Catalina’s customers bring a world of color into their homes. 

“I’ve been a graphic designer, an assistant gallery director, art instructor and a wallpaper designer, but this job sounded so amazing, I didn’t think it was real,” Jamie says. “I mean, getting to talk to people about color all day – and they actuallywant me to? Unbelievable!”

Very focused on color and design, Jamie is an artist and illustrator who graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In fact, Jamie is always thinking about design – reading blogs, watching home tours, and even scoping out local second-hand stores for inspiration. 

“I love finding things from different sensibilities and eras. Where else can you find authentic, mid-century furniture next to last year’s IKEA pieces next to grandma’s tchotchkes?”

As a Catalina color consultant, Jamie blends her passion and expertise with the understanding that a home should always reflect the homeowner’s personal taste. 

“I never want anyone to walk away feeling lukewarm about a space I’ve designed, which is why I believe my clients are the real experts. I can give suggestions and educate them on what makes certain color options work, but ultimately, I want to empower them to make their own choices and feel like their own designer.”


My design super power is: I can fly! Just kidding. But I’m actually pretty good at seeing all the components of a color, like how it’s made and what the undertones are.  

All-time favorite paint name:Benjamin Moore’s Jack O’Lantern 2156-30. I love Halloween and my partner’s name is Jack. Oh, and that color is great too! 

My secret design quirk: I pay homage to the previous color being painted over. If it’s a really bright green, I would suggest a sage accent somewhere in the space. This usually goes over well with sentimental people (like me) unless the client is really tired of what was on the wall.

When I was 10-years old, my bedroom was:Super bright and colorful! Think Benjamin Moore's Tropicana Cabana 2048-50, Grassy Meadows 570 and Lemon Grass 339. I wanted to be a surfer.  

Pro tip for adding a pop of color to a neutral room: I love neutral walls and they can be the perfect backdrop, but adding a bold color is so fun. Painting something small like a door, cabinet or a bookshelf is a great way to sneak in a pop of color, plus they’re easier to paint back to a neutral or switch up the color whenever you want a different look.

Strangest color match request: I had a client bring in a half-used bar of soap that she wanted me to color match. It actually was a pretty ivory tone and in the end, it proved to be useful.

Biggest design pet peeve: Design rules that make you feel like you can’t do whatever you want. If you want pink walls and orange ceilings, do it! If you want beige walls but afraid it’s outdated, it’s not! It’s your space, do what you like. Design rules are made to be broken.